Not accepting our flaws

October 3, 2015

photo 1He said to us our issue is in accepting our flaws.

At some point we begin to say “Well that’s just how I am”. We turn our flaws in to parts of us and lead ourselves to believe that we are what we do, both good and bad. But this is not only untrue but the lazy way out. The whispering of the devil, your caprice or the world all telling you this is just how you are, accept it. But our flaws aren’t like birthmarks. They develop and find their home in our being they’re a part of us only if we allow them to be.

Would I lose the essence of myself if I stopped binging all together? No, though I admit that binging whether often or occasionally have been a part of my life for a long time. When a cut arrives on our body we know it isn’t a part of us but if it sits there long enough, if it become a scar, it may one day give us the illusion that it is a birth mark -haven’t I always had this thing? We’ll begin to think. But if we think back hard enough we’ll remember the day a sharp object penetrated our bodies, became a cut and later a scar. Our flaws aren’t a part of us, we can change them, and God will help us every moment we try.


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