Imperfectly perfect

May 12, 2016

JordanThe most perfect place I’ve ever been is in the neighborhood of Hayy Al Kharabsheh near Sheikh Nuh Ha Meem Keller. Not only do I love Sheikh Nuh but I love being in the company of the saliheen (righteous) and people striving to be righteous. Jordan itself reminded me of New York. Though the people weren’t necessarily diverse -a big difference from New York, the variety of places one could go and see were just as diverse if not more so than my home town. What added to the perfection of the Jordanian environment was its mix of old and new. Neither taking over the other. The Jordanian restaurants, fast food restaurants, book stores, cafes, the niqabis, the university students, the shepherds…

But, there is no perfect place. Even if you lived alone on a mountain -you’d still have to deal with the flies, and the rain, and your ego. An even in the Hayy, the most perfect place in the world, I had to deal with myself, and I missed my parents and I actually missed the difficulties of practicing when everyone else isn’t, the oddity of being a minority. When everyone around me seems perfect, being good doesn’t feel good enough. Anyway, now I’m visiting family in Dubai. There is no perfect place. There is no perfect place, no perfect situation, no perfect life. This is not heaven, life is filled with tribulations.



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