Clean eating

March 23, 2016

af561050ee62f6c33b7ae7f786028407It’s been difficult for me to maintain a diet and lose weight, though I have lost some, I’ve still got a way to go. I fell off my calorie counting for a while but I plan to get back on it tomorrow. One thing  I realized despite my efforts is that the Slow Carb Diet is not for me, I wish it was. But eating a lot of meat is just not good for my body not to mention I think it’s morally problematic. But more than that, since I could in theory replace meat with beans as a protein, I like sweets.

In fact I love sweets and its very difficult for me to not have them. So now I’m thinking about the Clean Eating Diet. Basically it’s a diet where you stay away from processed food and as close to ‘whole foods’ as possible which means I can eat lots of fruits and fruits are, obviously, sweet. I’m not really a “fruit person”, I rarely buy them when I grocery shop and only eat them if they happen to be around. It’s not that I don’t like fruits but I really don’t easily think about them. But maybe that’s partly because I get my ‘sweets sources’ from chocolate, candy and coffee. So in a sense it is, hopefully, a win win. I get to continue eating sweets while being healthier and losing weight, I just replace processed sweets with fruit. I’m not claiming this will be easy but it may be easier than the Slow Carb Diet where all sweets, including fruits are off limits -except on the once a week cheat day. And it falls in line with my longer term health goals.

Eating clean will also help in in my other goals of having clear skin and controlling my eating. The Slow Carb Diet encourages once a week binge eating to boost metabolism but in reality I don’t want to live that kind of life, I don’t want binge eating to be a part of my life at all. Instead of just going on a short term diet that isn’t in line with my long-term goals maybe its time to try out a diet that I hope will turn in to a lifestyle. Well we shall see, the first step it to begin, if your interested in starting a healthier lifestyle too, take a listen to the video below, simple and useful.


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