Short Story


October 14, 2015

There was once a band of salafis going around to every town swearing they would cut the heads of any man who claimed Allah did not sit above the throne. They once came across a man known by many to be a Sufi. They sharpened their swords knowing this man would never respond to their inquiries correctly. They summoned him to the town square and asked him bluntly what they asked a hundred men before him: Where is God?

The Sufi had promised his Lord from the time of being a boy that he would never tell a lie. As he stared upon the sharpened blade he took a gasp of air wiped his forhead and responded: I know as do you that God is elevated

They looked at him surprised in his agreement, grunted, and carried on their way. Days passed and visitors stopped going to see the old Sufi as they he sold himself out for fear of death. Finally his closest friend came to him eyes lowered and ashamed: How could you lie for fear of death, you of all men know God is not contained by space?

The Sufi smiled slightly and continuing in his housework he said: Yes this is the case and I have never said differently, I merely said that God is elevated and is He not?

At this his friend was satisfied, he left the company of the old Sufi and related his words to the townspeople.


Short and concise tafsir from ourĀ Facebook friend Kareem White:

This story teaches a win, win, win situation. The ‘Sufi’ spares his life and doesn’t lie on Allah. The ‘Salafi’ gets an acceptable answer that he cannot debate with and which does not incite any fitnah. The friend and townspeople remain satsfied with their teacher and don’t loose respect for him. Great story. As many of us know, a story does not need an isnad per se. Allah gives whom he chooses insight to gain lessons from them.”

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