A crash would be perfect

October 5, 2015

A crash would be perfect
Head to head
And it all ends
It all stops
Black out begins
And never ends

I’m not afraid of death
I’m more afraid to live
I’m most afraid to see him
Because I haven’t loved enough
Haven’t done enough
Didn’t live in fear
Didn’t really care

By everything
Nothing with me
It’s only you I see
But that’s not enough to be
To live
With value added
With bottom lines considered
Within the red line
With in time

And nothing more is giving

A crash would be perfect
Because I don’t want to risk
One step
A misstep
And live forever without him
So let me die before it’s too late
But the beloved said don’t wish for this state
So I won’t wish for death
I’ll just hope to live
With nothing consuming me
But him

As long as life is worth living
And each sin is drenched in repentance


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