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July 21, 2014

I’ve become quite a fan of Instagram (follow me!) I enjoy the pictures of food, fashion and quotes. One feature I quite like about Instagram is the ability to search for hashtags which I suppose you can do on most other social media but somehow it’s more prominent for me on IG. After putting up a picture and writing a bit about women needing to think for themselves when it comes to equating lack of clothes with freedom I ended it with the hashtag ‘thinkforyourself’. Upon finishing I hit the hashtag to see who else in the IG universe was using it. I guess it would come as no surprise, though I didn’t think about it at the time that quite a few picture- quotes about atheism would come up. I’m glad to not count myself amount the atheists, having been born and raised Muslim, but I was nevertheless intrigued to know what else was being hashtagged ‘Thinkforyourself’. A picture from Southpark came up it said “There’s no proof for God or Jesus so why do you believe in them… If I told you there was a big lizard who controlled everything would you believe it?’ Tada there’s your logic for proof against God, besides being an extremely poor attempt at logic it amazed be that the IG user would actually then use this to make fun of the idea of God and His existence. If for nothing else but the fact that Christianity is not the only way to believe in God.

I’m not sure what possessed me but I wrote to this IGer to tell them that turning away from Christianity should not equate to turning away from God. They responded that all religions are the same and proceeded to say that in Islam you are killed if you lose faith. I then proceeded to reply that I was American, my parents being Caribbean, and as deeply as I want all of my Muslim family to preserve their faith and for non-Muslim family members to enter Islam, no one would raise even a finger if someone lost their faith, and we would have no right to. The idea that Islam is a free-for-all religion is a disease that plagues even the Muslim community itself. The greatest example that Islam is not a vigilantly religion is the last messenger himself. When he and his followers were a small group in Mecca there were no mass murders in the night, there no beheadings, there were no terrorist attacks. When the Muslims were a small group oppressed in the city of Mecca they were simply oppressed. They starved, they were killed, they were captured it was not until the prophet, peace to him, established a state in Medina that wars organized fighting, was led against their former oppressors and others. As an Islamic State rules were established that could never be established in Mecca. So the idea that honor killings a man killing his wife, a family killing their daughter, etc. or terrorist attacks or murder can be orchestrated at any time when anyone feels they have the right to do so is against Islam. When we turn to Islam not only as an individual practice but as a state, as Medina was, things change. Just as there are laws for rape, murder, and treason in the US government there are also laws of similar kind in an Islamic state. Someone who lives outside of an Islamic state an “loses their faith” is very different from someone in an Islamic state that commits treason or apostasy. And this is not to say that many Muslim countries where some Islamic law is practiced don’t oppress there people, especially women.

10508048_349254951866305_1029832262_nOf course I couldn’t write all of this on IG. So I sufficed it to say that I nor the person I was corresponding with knew enough bout Islamic law to talk about the punishment for apostasy. They again replied that they did not believe in a “magic man in the sky” which was funny because neither do I, I said to the IGer who had now revealed to me their age of 17, that I hoped it would at least be okay for me to say that they shouldn’t close themselves off to the world of possibilities that lay before them. At some point I said “May God give you an opening” and they replied that this (their Instagram) was and atheist page and I was not going to succeed in convincing anyone about God or Islam by asking for God to give them an opening. By which I replied that it wasn’t my hope to convince anyone. Because I can’t convince anyone. How do you convince someone that the stars are not just ball of gas (or fire?) but also a sign of God’s existence? You don’t. The prophet, peace to him, couldn’t convince his own uncle, a man who bore witness to his miracles, to accept Islam. So how can anyone hope for any better? My teacher in tassawuf once said that we should pray for a good ending because we really don’t know what can come of us.

I related this to the IGer that people change. That my teacher in Islamic spirituality was once an agnostic and had a phD in philosophy before becoming Muslim. People change. The IG page may be an atheist page today and a page calling people to Islam tomorrow. I heard too many convert stories to think otherwise. And I’ve seen too many people stop practicing Islam to be secure enough that this is a “Muslim blog”. I’m only a human being hoping to God to earn His good pleasure, I have a great conviction that Islam is the truth, the way and the light but it’s only by God’s grace that I can count myself among the believers.

Are you a non-Muslim who has questions about Islam? If your Muslim what do you think of my response and is their anything you would have added or not said? Look forward to hearing from you, take care <3



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  • Zaakir Abdus-Salaam

    “May God give you an opening”. Simple, but wise words Nuriddeen. I generally only speak about religion or God when asked respectfully. It is a highly contentious subject that most people consider to be personal. I try to respect those boundaries. But after reading this I realized that there is a whole lot of wisdom in proactively engaging with those who seem to have apposing beliefs. This is especially true when that person is young. So even though it seems as though your words did not convince him, a seed was still planted that through the will of Allah may grow into something beautiful. Perhaps you will be at the center of his conversion story one day. Allah knows best!

    • Noor

      Ma sha Allah, yes I have pretty much the same motto with religion but I’m learning to change that. Islam is such a big part of my life, my reason for being and doing that I think there is a way to express that without sounding preachy. People don’t want to be preached to or convinced I anything the best you can do by people is show ten kindness, mercy and hope the truth will come to them in some way… It may be his conversion story or he may have deleted my comments and moved on with his life. Either way for once I think I did a decent job of talking about Islam to a nonMuslim/ stranger

  • musty87

    It is not always an easy task to convince someone that God exists ,or further that there is only One God, even the one who claim to believe in God finds hard to argue or to give reasons to prove the existence of God including myself before i read “The Words” from the Risala i Nur collection of Said Nursi Baddiuzamman , i highly recommended this masterpiece for anyone interested in proving how and why God must exist, the author gives one and thousand reasons to believe in One God
    Those so called agnostics and atheist failed to find God because they search for Him within the univers using their limited reason and their ego, of course the logic is “a part of a thing cannot be creator of that thing,” as is absurd to believe that a battery can create a cellphone but still they claim that Mother Nature creates everything. Nature itself being merciless and powerless but just a creation of God, an exhibition of His artistry ,speaking to us just as any painting makes you think about the painter.
    Furthermore as Jallaludin Rumi my favorite poet states “i was looking for God and i only find myself, i look for myself and i find God,” the substance of his statement is that understand our Being itself is enough to prove the existence of God. We need to ask ourselves, why do we cry when we lost a loved one? why is so painful to live a separation? why we all longing for an eternal pleasure, an eternal happiness? yet impossible to live it in this temporary world, indeed our Spirit is the one crying, is speaking to us or is whispering to us: our essence, the goal of our existence is to live for an eternal life, is to live Eternity with The Eternal, The One God, our Creator. That’s why our Father Ibrahim (R,A) after witnessing a sunset deeply from his heart cried out “i love not those that set,” so do we!
    I’m sad to say that but today even Muslims, we lack the training of belief, our religion become mere mechanical and cultural, we need to revive the training of belief the true meaning of “LA ILAHA ILA LLAH” as our Beloved AL Mustafa peace be upon Him spend thirteen years just for that before teaching any act of worship. O! The Eternal One make us attractive to You despite our crimes and sins, give us eternity in Your Company, and The Company of Master Abul Qassim peace be upon him, and the company of Ahl Bayt, Sahabas, our Imams and our Shaykhs, Ameen

  • musty87

    This amazing and beautiful video is from the series “fountain of faith” made by “Islam from within” team that i follow, our aim is to revive the training of belief through rational proofs in the light of The Wise Qur’an. It sums up my reasoning, please watch and share it specially with your atheist teens maybe God willing good may come out of it.

  • musty87

    watch specially the video ” Happily Ever After: How to turn love in to Eternity” i almost fell in tears the first time i watched it, please enjoy and share!

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