The Tariqa, A natural inclination

November 2, 2015

In our times joining a spiritual path, following a leader and relocating ones whole life to do so is meet with strange confusion and possible weariness. Rabia Al Adawi once famously pointed us to “The Neighbor”, her choice of abode (Paradise for those God grants His mercy) was not drawn by a deep interest in palaces or milk flowing rivers but rather in The Neighbor -i.e God Himself. We choose to live different places for different reasons -good schools, affordability, comfort, etc. But how often do we think of the neighbor? We move in to neighborhoods forgetting the people around us will affect who we are and who we hope to become. They can influence us passively or actively but they will influence us.

A bit under the weather so we’ll keep it short but I remind you and myself -choose your neighbors well…


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