The Affable Sufi

June 7, 2015

tumblr_mrhlzzAMUR1scz75yo1_500When I read about sufism, before taking the tariq, I imagined it as a very loner’s journey. There are certainly stories that tell that tale. I will never forget the extreme stories like the sufi who refused marriage because of their love for God or the one who was enraged when people even spoke their name. There’s the sayings about the status of the people who no one notices when they’re present and no one notices when they’re gone. The sufi who lives out in the world somewhere, not eating much and not speaking to many people. Though this path exists this is isn’t exactly the shadhili way, as far as I’ve seen. Sheikh Nuh often talks about being affable with people, having an easy going manner and showing interest in people’s lives when you converse with them. The occasions I’ve been able to speak with him one-on-one I’ve been surprised by his easy going mannerism. Of course he warns us about talking at night when we should be praying, gossiping, wasting time and any of the other things engagement with people can bring but overall in our engagements we’re told to be affable. In light of my article becoming quite popular, I must remember this and put it in to practice. The more popular the article gets, the more people it reaches who disagree with me and people who will make me the subject of their hateful speech. I must remember to be affable, to get along with people even when they treat me poorly. The only really worthwhile anger is anger for the sake of God, not the ego… just a few thoughts this sunday morning…


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