Ten Percent

October 26, 2015

Ravi_Varma-Lady_Giving_Alms_at_the_TempleIn order to be more purposeful in my spending on worthy causes specifically and on anyone but myself in general I’ve decided to donate 10% of the money I have each month. I’m the queen of forgetful but I hope to keep this up every month and writing this little post will help me do so.

Being jobless as of now my funds don’t usually tip over $500 on any given day making my donation max at $50 a month. I’ve heard stories of people giving half of their wealth to charity and I think that’s amazing. I hope I can work toward that one day but for now we start at 10%. The truth is if you have $100 you’ll probably get along just fine with $90, most of us have have a source of income and small extravagances that can be reduced and redirected towards good. Spending $45 a week on groceries instead of $50 won’t make a big difference in your food consumption. Putting it aside and consistently giving it to a cause or someone other than yourself can strengthen bonds, help fund a worthy cause, or give a few necessities to those in need.

Of course a lot is more than a little but consistency is the greatest gift -as the sufi saying goes, “the greatest miracle is to be steadfast”. Not just to others but to our selves. To become not merely consumers but also givers. I encourage you to make this small change today, don’t delay it and don’t make excuses. Start lower if you want at 1% and make an intention to keep it up. We have to give to make this world and ourselves better.

At the end of this month I’ll be giving to this cause, God willing.


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