Some things I know to be true about weight loss

December 17, 2014

I’ve successfully lost weight once before in life. I’m now trying to do so again. I haven’t tried a ton of weight loss methods but from what I have tried there are a few things I know to be true about weight loss.

It takes time. You don’t gain or lose weight overnight. And you shouldn’t want to. Losing 50 pounds in a month might seem nice but it’s actually quite bizarre. Your body and mind don’t have time to wrap around this new body. You probably changed your diet in a dramatic and unsustainable way. Slow, though not too slow is a better way to introduce and maintain healthy habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Carbs and Sugar. I’m not sure how universal this is but for me eliminating carbs, sugar or both is a sure way to lose weight. Experimenting with what foods you can remove to help you¬†lose weight is extremely useful.

Calorie intake. Though there is a lot of talk that losing weight isn’t as simple as calories in calories out but I know that my most successful weight loss happened when I lowered my calories. I think it does work but that it’s not as simple as we once thought. If your calories are made up of sugar vs protein you’ll probably lose less weight on the sugar but as long as you lower your calories you will lose weight

Exercise. You don’t have to do much but doing something consistently aids weight loss. Do whatever you like best. Whether its sports, walking, or jumping jacks. If you’re trying to lose weight don’t force yourself to do stuff you don’t like, it’s pointless. More than likely you just won’t keep it up. Do whatever you can do a little bit of on most days.

Water. If you only replaced your soda/ tea/ juice with water you will lose weight. How much depends on how much of the stuff you were drinking before. I can sometimes be a big soda drinker (here in the Middle East not really in the states) as well as a big coffee drinker eliminating those two things is an easy way to lose a few extra pounds,¬†knowing it’s bad for my teeth also helps.

Skip a meal. This is dangerous but if you can do it helps. It’s dangerous because sometimes when you skip breakfast you end up craving a snack when you’re out and about in your day if you give in it could mean having a piece of cake when you would have been better off just eating the oatmeal in the morning. I prefer to skip lunch so that if I do get “hungry” I can just eat dinner earlier and if I’m still “hungry” later I can have something very light like dates, yogurt or water.

Cook for yourself. I credit this advice to Michael Pollan and it’s true. Cooking for ourselves allows us to better monitor what we eat. I know how much salt is in my soup and how much sugar is in my tea when I eat out I have no idea. This also gives me the power to lessen my food portions or food additives in order to lose weight, a not so easy task when eating out.

Put health first. I don’t believe i being skinny obsessed but weight is a direct link to health. If you have health problems and are overweight, lose some weight and see if it helps. Chances are you’ll feel a lot better. Losing weight is a means to reaching optimal health if we also reach our vanity goals, so be it.


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