Reflective Ramadan | A time to recharge

June 6, 2016

Reflective Ramadan Post Series, #1 A time to recharge

Whether your practice has been lacking lately or you’ve been doing your best Ramadan serve as a perfect time to recharge. When Ramadan arrives we are reminded that God has blessed us to live another year -another year of our lives, another year as Muslims, another year to partake in this holy month. Whatever we’ve been doing we being to reevaluate -are my prayers intentional? Do I prayer each prayer on time? Are my clothes modest enough? Is my speech kind enough?

Our early suhoor schedule allows us never miss fair. Tarawih reminds us of Tahhajud. Iftar invokes us to serve others. The presence of Ramadan challenges us to be our best selves. It’s important to remind ourselves that Ramadan is about more than skipping lunch but it would be a mistake to downplay the important of the fast itself, especially in our times. Going hours without eating has become abnormal in modern (Western) society and so to do so for God is a sacrifice worth noticing.

Because fasting is not routine for most of us throughout the year it gives us a chance to be intentional in our worship. We are not eating from sunrise to sunset solely because of God. In the summer months the difficulty of doing this increasing but we keep going on for His sake.

But truly it’s for our own. god doesn’t need us to fast for him, we do it by His command but for our own sake. One of the most beautiful reminders I ever received about Ramadan was from Sheikh Uthman of masjid Taqwa. I remember him saying that when we fast we are like the angels. The angels don’t eat, drink or have intercourse -ever, so when we do the same we are like them.

InshaAllah, may this month be a month of a bit more exertion of our spiritual efforts.


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