Putting in work

December 7, 2014

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So excited! I spent my morning working on my book Love, Life & Faith -please show your support and reserve a copy and don’t forget to download 40 hadith of ‘Aisha. So I’m really enjoying writing this book. I must say I laughed my head off this morning reading and writing it. Which is unusual. Every once in a while I try my hand at humor, it doesn’t usual go well. Not that this book is meant to be humorous but in stories of love what can I do but laugh at the past. I recently finished another book, a small work about the Muslim belief in God. It’s due for editing but besides that I had my ads and felt ready to go, sort of. That work is really serious and could have a lot of good or bad consequences for me. When dealing in the realm of faith I have to be careful. Not because I think I’ll say something wrong. I’m fairly cautious and have learned enough Aqidah to know the basic and not stray (may God keep me) but sometimes merely knowing something and conveying it fairly well is not enough you have to further ask yourself: Is my audience ready? Is the knowledge I’m conveying actually necessary for that audience? And am I approaching this with the right intention?

Thank Allah for my eldest sister or I would have never thought of any of this. My zealousness in wanting people to know the truth overrode my fear that this truth my not be what they need and may actually be harmful to them. Something Sheikh Nuh said yesterday, and I hope I’m not making a mistake by sharing this, is that sometimes silence comes because there is someone in the audience who is not ready to hear it and it would be a hardship or tribulation for them. I don’t think much of myself. I have a few thousand people who like my page on Facebook, I taught a class for new Muslims in New York, I have this blog. If I release a tiny book my hopes is that it will benefit people but is there any reality that it will change the world? Well, who knows. Socrates/ Plato is reported to have feared the written word because of it’s permanence and ability to travel it also becomes disembodied from the author. What’s written is written and once it’s out there you’ll never know its impact so think well before you write. So this little work about God Al Mighty may never see the light of day and I have to be ok with that.

Or many it is better if it’s circulation is restricted. Maybe I can teach a class on the subject with the book, then only give the book to those students. A german philosopher once said, “Be careful lest in fighting a monster you become one”. I think a certain sect of Muslims are wrong in their belief in God, it goes against the majority and the prophet, peace to him. And I think they have too much influence. I want to combat them but I can’t approach the masses with the same attitude they have. That is: your wrong, your misguided now let me teach you the right way. I’m blessed that God has given me so many amazing teachers and access to knowledge. But I’m wrong to think that because I learned I know. Knowing is from Allah and maybe I need to start believing that everyone knows and it merely needs to be awakened in all of us. One day long ago God asked us, Am I not your Lord? And we all said Yes. Within us is an unfiltered, pure belief in God, I have to believe that. Maybe it’s been muddled by negative influences but it’s there. I hope God will give me a way and a chance to reawaken it anyone who needs the reminder, including myself.


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