Promises we can’t keep

May 21, 2015

Promises we can't keepMy word is my bond, so goes the saying. We all make promises, some of which we don’t keep, why? Well circumstances can change. Sometimes we literally can’t do what we once promised to do. In this case we’re all forgiving of ourselves and others forgive us, except children. Children don’t understand this. A promise to them is an unbreakable oath, if you don’t fulfill it, you’ve failed them. They don’t understand that the world is not in our control and we can’t always change our reality.

Promises we can't keepWhat about when we make promises to ourselves? Sometimes these are the easiest to forgive, sometimes the hardest. When you’ve promised to other than yourself you don’t have to live with the hurt you may have caused that person (unless they hold on to it and make it known) but when you make a promise to yourself you have to live with the disappointment of not fulfilling it everyday. The weight loss you can seem to get a hold of, the early mornings that never happen, the relationships you never fixed. Sometimes it’s easy to forgive ourselves but sometimes it’s the most difficult.


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