Ode to ‘students of knowledge

November 10, 2015

12191797_10153355975618577_4962266200334282277_nNote: The term ‘student of knowledge’ in the Islamic tradition means someone who studies Islamic knowledge specifically in a traditional manner of studying from teachers who have a senate back to the prophet, peace to him, so independent study -though valuable, wouldn’t count and is not including in this ode. I wrote this “off the cuff”, the words just came to me though the sentiment has been with me for a long time. Students of knowledge are extremely valuable to our ummah (Muslim community), the advent of google can’t ever replace that and it’s important for us to value and encourage anyone on the path of knowledge but especially those who take great stride -through travel, finance, time, and personal comfort, to preserve our tradition.



Oh how I praise the student of knowledge
Weak knees and cramped legs
Sitting at his teachers’ feet
Writing every word possible to preserve those gems
Kissing the hands of those who gave him
A light by which to see
Air by which to breathe

Oh how I praise the student of knowledge
His pace is fast
His stomach is light
His hours at night
Are too few to count

He’ll catch the red eye
And spend his last bits of money
For bits of knowledge
He knows that google and books -not even recordings
Can replace those living with our tradition in their souls

Oh how I praise the student of knowledge
So far away from home
So overwhelmed
And under-appreciated
All the fools who will argue with you
Overlooking the pain that you went through
To preserve a light that is passed from heart to heart

Oh how I praise the student of knowledge
Huddled up in cramped homes
Attempting to speak with the locals
Eating strange food
And hiding the tears of home sickness

They are the unsung heroes of our ummah
They are deserving of our praise


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