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October 7, 2015

There’s so much to learn, always.

Arabic grammar is… complex but I’m glad to have a go at it. I can almost say I’ve been studying Arabic for 10 or 12 years if I count all my failed attempts but the past year has been my best attempt and this year will be better, in sha Allah. It’s a struggle, every level is even more complicated but I do have to at least give myself a small pat on the back -we’ve come a long way. Tassawuf (Scrupulousness in worship) is the same journey only much much longer and far more difficult and more plainly obvious that I am just a beginner.


  • Ahmed Khan


    Are you able to do a writeup of your experiences studying at Rumman institute ?

    This is coming from a person who is contemplating putting in a year of full-time studies at Rumman, who also has a wife and a 4 yr old son – so I would basically have to live in Jordan for a year with my family.

    • Noor

      I honestly would be the worse person to do so I wasn’t a great student there and the environment wasn’t for me. In sha Allah I’ll put you in touch with one of their current students… I’d also recommend comparatively looking in to Qasid where I currently study (though I’m off this semester)

      • Ahmed

        Why would you say you were a bad student and the environment wasn’t for you – if you don’t mind me asking ?

        When you say you have been studying Arabic for 10-12 years on and off – that rings a bell with me because I am in the same boat [I am sure so are others]. I did pick up some momentum by this past year taking courses online through an institute in the UK – but I have just scratched theory in Nahw and Sarf.

        I need to sit in a classroom I feel. When I watch a video online I have a question that pops into my head [this happens maybe 10 times per video] and I look to my left and right and there is no one to answer.

        May Allah SWT aid us all in our efforts.

        • Noor

          I can understand that I think a classroom environment is extremely important…. It wasn’t for me (the Rumman program) because it felt like a “traditional madrasa” if you can imagine or experienced that, where teachers condemn you, show their frustration, and anger. This really hurt my confidence in learning the language and I actually stopped going in the final week. I wasn’t a good student because of my poor resilience to use their criticism as a means to be a better student, it just made me study less and no longer want to come to class and my memorization of word especially its spelling was really poor -this is a strong focus for them. For a while I felt afraid to even speak arabic because I could hear their reprimanding me. Pretty dramatic, lol, but I think a stronger student, someone use to that environment or with higher himma (aspiration) could have succeeded. Maybe a will write a blog post about it after all 🙂 -I’ll just be sure to include my own flaws as well.

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