Let it go

November 24, 2015

tumblr_nw4dwwgRT71rs67bxo1_1280Let what go? All of it. All of the dreams you thought you’d accomplish by now. All of the hope you put in this or that thing, let it go. Sometimes we reach a point in our adult life, look around and ask: What in God’s name happened? And often we don’t have answers for ourselves. How did I end up in Amman, Jordan instead beginning my first year of a doctoral program as I’d planned to do so many years ago? I don’t know, sure, decisions were made but once you hit a certain point in life and take a pause and realize that who you are isn’t who you thought you’d be, what a strange feeling. Reassessments must be made and life goals must be altered. But this is a point in which life crises are very possible, because we don’t know how to let it go. Or maybe because we won’t give ourselves permission to do so. We think the dreams of our younger self should be held on to, tight, and we find it hard to disappoint them. As if in our mind, there she is, standing there hoping you’ll make her proud. But you can’t be bound to that past self forever even if you’ve made mistakes that would disappoint, they are your mistakes, your life, renewing itself again and again each second. We must give ourselves permission to let go, discover new dreams and create new goals.


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