If we’ll make it back home

February 28, 2015

flowers in tinI wonder if we’ll make it back home
I just wonder if we we’ll make it back home

If there’s a place we can meet
If a place we can speak
Do you remember those things
Worth remembering?
Do you recall those words
Still trembling
You couldn’t say
What you meant
You couldn’t quite be
You wanted

Don’t chase those same all stories
I know who you were
I know all about the glory
Stop crying for dreams
That don’t come true
God’s got plan for me
And he’s got a plan you

Forget the hurt that you’re feeling
I’m not saying its not true
Be true
Be true for you

I just want you to know
Your dreams won’t come true
God’s got a bigger plan
For me and for you
For me and for you

But you can cry if you need to
But don’t say I didn’t warn you
About the downfall
And sadness
Just trust me there’s a rainbow after the rain
You’ll be glad the rain came


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