I came

August 15, 2014

I came from kings and queens
And servants and slaves
Cooks and maids
Nobility and scholars
You can’t strip my honor
Maybe some of my ancestors were stolen on a boat

Maybe some were raped in the night
And whipped
Used at the hands of a slave masters’ grip
Maybe some only survived
By being the master’s pet
Maybe others were thieves
Who stole any freedom they could get
Maybe some ran away
Maybe some were killed
It doesn’t shake me that I’m not a product of all that is good
Some of those Africans were rotten and sick
Some were as close to God as you can get
Some of them were Muslim
And I know they prayed for me
Some were pagan trapped in a religion of lies and deceit
You want to know what this means?

That yes I came from kings and queens
Prostitutes and holy-women
Servants and freedom fighters
Uncle Toms and Nat Turners
Black skin is made up of many colors
They can’t strip your honor

If you want to be something, do something
Whether from a King or from a slave
They can’t stripe your honor
The only winners are those who end with a spacious grave


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  • musty87

    Deep thought and truly inspiring, it reminds me the history of our People from Motherland to their “New-lands”.
    Betrayed, enslaved, colonized, balkanized, divided, intellectually colonized, brainwashed and stripped of their shame, modesty, honor and humanity; Yes that’s the bitter history and state of being of our People from our Motherland to our New-lands!
    When are our people going to be free again?
    We need to start thinking outside those cubes and flat screens in our living rooms and now in our hands,
    we need to stop being objects of the history of others and become Subjects of our own future.
    God Willing, One day our people will be free again, and roar like Lions again, the roaring of true freedom from Motherland to the New-lands,
    O! our Lord, Bestower of true freedom, free our People, make us among those who will restore the honor, pride, dignity and humanity of our People form Motherland all the way to their New-lands, Ameen

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