Good Hair

November 19, 2014

Granted I’m a hijabi but there’s still some hair under there. If you’re a non Muslim reading then I’ll inform you us Muslim women only wear hijab around marriageable men and when praying. We may also wrap it around when reading the quran or other religious obligations and sometimes, yes, when were having a bad hair day.

Yet as women we do still have our hair to care for, look after and beautify for those around (and ourselves). Anyway I want to keep it short so I’ll get to the point. I’m black and have natural hair (non processed). That doesn’t really give much of a description since black women have all kinds of hair but suffice it to say its not straight.

Growing up -oh right, I wanted to make this short, another time. So I want to take care of my hair. I’ve read and watched a lot of YouTube videos about taking care of natural hair. And I’ve been amazed by how healthy and how long many black natural girls have been able to get their hair (I’ll write another post about black hair, lets just say it not just about hair).

So I want my hair to also be strong, long and healthy without being salon dependent. I want to make this as natural as possible. So what I’ve gathered from the curly haired gurus and some good methods I’ve tested myself I’m going to try to stick to a routine of at least once a week of doing one of the below.

Good Hair Practices:
-Washing hair with Apple Cider Vinegar, I don’t remember what it does but I remember how wonderful and clean my hair felt after using it
-No poo, washing also with conditioner, shampoo in general is a no go, I love treseme conditioner! Unfortunely they don’t have that here
-Conditioner (any good one) with baking soda and honey help to loosen curls and make hair more manageable
-Milk, put it in a spray bottle and get it all over your hair, leave over night, your hair will be looser/ straighter
-Conditioner and olive oil for a couple hours then wash out, loosen/straighten
-Henna, color/ strengthen
-Oil massage, grows hair (so the Indians say) if you have really curly hair massage gently so it doesn’t get more tangled
-Soaking in oil overnight
-Putting in conditioner for overnight

My goals for my hair are: length, shine, “looseness”/untangled, and softness. If you want the same thing these above methods may work. I think one or two a week will suffice, like most things it won’t work without consistency. So I’m writing this as a resource for myself and anyone else with similar hair goals, but I’m no hair guru. I’ll add the links to some ladies who are later, but right now I’m in bed, so…


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