Going vegan (85% of the time)

June 9, 2016

So I’ve spoken about this on the blog a few times -being healthy and possibly going vegan. As I laid in bed in pain yesterday, it became abundantly clear that I really ought to go back to being a vegan. Despite it being that time of the month of late I’d also been consuming a lot of dairy. Over the years, my body has become more and more uncomfortable with dairy. Milk being the worse of offenders with ice-cream as a close second, then cheese, yogurt and egg being the least offensive. When I was vegan, quite a few years ago now, I felt extremely healthy. Gone were monthly cramps or that feeling of general heaviness my body experiences after eating dairy (with the exception of eggs).

But slowly old habits crept in and before I knew it I was no longer vegan but just another American on a S.A.D. diet. Anyway, I want to change. I can’t say I’ll become vegan again because I think having a super restrictive diet is setting one’s self up for failure and is honestly just a nuisance to others. So I want to be vegan 85% of the time -or something like that. When I have complete control over my meals -when I’m living alone or just eating alone, I’ll make meat-free and dairy-free meals. When I’m with others I’ll try my best not to o.d. on the foods I love (but clearly don’t love me) and eating mostly vegan options that are available. So in my quest for a change I’ve been watching ‘What I ate in a day’ vegan videos. I found the above video the most helpful so far because it’s a vegan diet without “weird foods”. I’m not interested in vegan alternatives that taste just like it’s dairy equivalent (with few exceptions like Almond milk) nor am I interested in Quinoa or Kombucha, I want a vegan diet that’s still familiar and with foods I can get from a normal grocery store. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to caring about what exactly Kimchi is but for now, I just want to be healthier.


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