Far reaches of excellence

May 20, 2015

ExcellenceExcellence. That’s what we’re suppose to implement. Who we’re suppose to be. What we’re suppose to do. But the goals of the mind are so far from the actions of the body. At times seemingly at war with each other. But it feels too hurtful to give-up our goals, that would be the obvious solution. Give up your goals and you’ll have no more conflict, you’ll be at ease without having your mind telling you you should be doing something more worthwhile. But that doesn’t seem human.

It not human to not want to be more. It’s not human to not grow. The body grows naturally. Time goes and we age naturally. But what we do with that time and who we become doesn’t come so naturally. Living in itself gives us a level of wisdom and experience but if we’ve only repeated the same mistakes again and again what wisdom will we have to give our children or even our selves? The only solution, though frustrating, is to not give up, to never give up. Excellence and striving is a part of our humanity. May we reach the perfection we seek.


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