Eating Meat

November 16, 2015

Hens_and_Rooster-2There’s no denying that in Islam meat eating is permissible there are in fact occasions when eating meat is highly encouraged and others where killing animals is a necessity. In short we have the undeniable right to kill some animals and eat them.

This does not mean that the purpose of animals is to be slaughtered and cooked for dinner. Animals, when alive, have rights and lives similar in dignity to our own. In Islam it is strictly forbidden to hunt for sport. You cannot terrorize an animal for your own enjoyment. When the prophet, peace to him, was alive he encouraged people not to overburden their working animals, even in killing an animal for food their was dignity -you don’t show them the knife, you cut the throat which is least painful, you give them a last drink of water, you sharpen your blade and you make it as quick and as swift as possible.

Why do we have animals locked in caged all their lives? Isn’t it enough of a priveledge that we eat them why must we make their lives akin to slavery from birth to death? Animals have a right to a dignified life, they have the right to live and enjoy themselves they were not created to be our slaves. And when the time comes that we are to slaughter them for food we treat them with dignity until the very end. The right and priveledge to use animals for good and as our helpers does not make us their masters God is their master and harming them will not go unnoticed.


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