Bitter Girl

November 28, 2014

No one likes a bitter woman
Don’t be that girl
No one likes the bitter truth
Don’t give it to them
No one’s listening
Even if you scream

No one likes a bitter woman
Don’t be that girl
No one cares what you have to say
Not a single soul in the world
Don’t fight with men
They always win

No one like a bitter woman
Point your finger
And they’ll point back
Tell your story
But no one one’s listening

You can set yourself on fire
You can curse at the world
You can put up your fists
You can jump off a bridge

But no one cares
Everyone sees you’re hurting
Yet they turn away
Try your best
But you won’t win

When you’re fighting with men
The best you can do
Is lay down to die
Take it in stride
Humbly cry
But don’t apologize

There are many sides to the story
Too many to count
But you’d better bet
Your side doesn’t count

No one likes a bitter girl
Depressed, angry and scared
Don’t try making any points
No one cares

You look ugly when you shout
And your wrong when you argue
You’re a bastard if you leave
You ought to shut up if you stay

Either way

No one likes a bitter girl
Don’t be that girl


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