A Kitchen of One’s Own

November 21, 2014

I honestly hope I have a husband who doesn’t like to cook, well, no -who doesn’t like to cook often. I hate being in the kitchen with other people. I see cooking as my time of solace. Mixing together ingrdeints, getting things messy, having some alone time, are all very precious to me. When someone comes in the kitchen with me to do there own thing, I’m instantly annoyed and it honestly makes me not want to cook. I think I get this from my dad. Whenever he’s cooking he wants us to get out his way and we’re seen as an instant nuisance, unless we’re just coming to talk, but when he’s in there mixing and stirring -get out his way.

My mom loves this. Not the fact that he wants everyone out his way, but the fact that my dad cooks. Since I’ve known him (i.e. all my life) he always has, in fact more then my mom. Years ago when my more gave birth to six daughters, with complications along the way. She decided to give up some of her womanly duties for a peace of mind. When she was working, in school, and coming home to a messy house and 6 noisy kids, except me I’m the quiet one (smirk), being in a mad fit to change pampers, make dinner and clean just wasn’t sustainable. So slowly she convinced (to put it nicely) my dad to do more around the house, cooking became his main contribution.

I think that’s wonderful, but I don’t think it’s for me. I love baking and I’ve recently developed a love for cooking. I’ve actually enjoyed baking on many occasions with my niece and nephew, that’s pretty fun. But in general I need my space. Cooking provides a kind of solace that is quickly interrupted when others are around. There I am cooking away then someone comes in and I have to worry if they’ll be bothered by the dishes in the sink, if they’ll get in way, and God forbid small talk! Unlike my dad I don’t make exceptions for that either. You know what I might make an exception for? If I had a hubby who helped with the dishes, that would be nice.


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