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I’m Sorry.

December 18, 2015

photo-1439761414027-4f4ebeeda3a3This personal blog will have to take a back seat to some other projects. I thank you for reading and I apologize for my absence.

Talk Soon,

Take Care ♥

He is

December 7, 2015

Death_to_stock_photography_wild_1I once asked my teacher “How can I make God more present in my life?”, he responded, “God already is present in your life”. The first attribute of God is Al Wujood, Existence, may we never forget that. Will be writing more in the next post but it’s late in my part of town, I’ve got to keep it short. Hope all is well.

Take Care


December 1, 2015

tumblr_ny19w1TrWm1su9l7yo1_1280Too often it’s not that we truly love people it’s that we’re so painfully afraid of facing the God awful truth of our painful isolation. We eat, we text, we chat, we browse all too remove the pain of loneliness, all to avoid our own selves, to not have to deal with our own selves and our own thoughts. Even a moment with silence is too frightening, we can’t deal with our on fragile and terrifyingly lonely existence so we distract ourselves with things and people dreading even the passing thought of their departure.

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