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If we’ll make it back home

February 28, 2015

flowers in tinI wonder if we’ll make it back home
I just wonder if we we’ll make it back home

If there’s a place we can meet
If a place we can speak
Do you remember those things
Worth remembering?
Do you recall those words
Still trembling
You couldn’t say
What you meant
You couldn’t quite be
You wanted

Don’t chase those same all stories
I know who you were
I know all about the glory
Stop crying for dreams
That don’t come true
God’s got plan for me
And he’s got a plan you

Forget the hurt that you’re feeling
I’m not saying its not true
Be true
Be true for you

I just want you to know
Your dreams won’t come true
God’s got a bigger plan
For me and for you
For me and for you

But you can cry if you need to
But don’t say I didn’t warn you
About the downfall
And sadness
Just trust me there’s a rainbow after the rain
You’ll be glad the rain came

A quiet place called New York

February 26, 2015

new york photo

I miss New York. Not for any reason in particular. A strange thing my teacher said. He said that he sometimes watches movies and forgets he’s in Jordan. I thought that was strange but it stayed with me. I don’t know what it is about home. You’ll always miss it even if you left by your own will. even if you love the place. Home is home. There’s a safeness to it. And walking “home” everyday here is not the same as the home I once knew. Though being an adult I suppose you are suppose to find home somewhere else. It’s strange this suspension in time we’re all forced to go through.

It’s exhausting really, to not know were you belong and to know the only place you’ve ever belong you don’t really belong anymore. It doesn’t have to be depressing but anything worth thinking about is usually depressing some way. Sadness is just the emotion I relate to most. And the only one worth thinking about and analyzing. Happiness does need to be analyzed, you just enjoy it. Doing anything else would take away from it. Speaking of happiness, I’m really happy listening to these set of lectures with Shaykh Abdullah Adhami, listen here.

Thank you to all the readers of this blog, I’m sorry for the half way disappearing acts and short posts about little more than my personal life, thanks so much for your continued read.

Take Care,

In loving memory

February 21, 2015

What I love most about Malcolm X is that he was a truth seeker and when he was wrong he wasn’t afraid to move on, admit his mistakes and start over. That is the kind of person I want to be. I sincerely love you and thank God for your influence.

Forever in our hearts.

Assassinated: 2-21/1965

Dealing with the cold

February 20, 2015

“The truth is not known by men, rather men are known by the truth”.

So it’s been a bit since I blogged. This is a more casual post since, as I said in my last post, I’m a bit to overwhelmed with school. Jordan’s winter has decided to re-start, what misery. My boots were apparently stolen, not here but in delivery, at least that’s what a former Jordanian resident said could be the reason they have yet to show up though my sister shipped from neighboring Qatar at least 2 weeks ago. It’s quite tough dealing with this kind of weather in a foreign country. Somehow it make it all the more frustrating. But by the grace of God, it’ll be ok, in sha Allah.

flowers in tin

The next time I’m able to make it out and have a few bucks to spare, I’ll have to get myself some flowers. It’ll cheer me up, or maybe a place would be better since they don’t die as easily -or a plant that also grows flowers, that sounds like the best option.

arabic at home

I’m excited about a 4-week Arabic class I’m starting this April 2014, It’ll will be online and I really look forward to it. The best thing you can do to solidify your knowledge in anything is to teach it to others. And it is really a great honor. I will have details up shortly but you can email me in advance, Hope the weather is more pleasant on your side of the world.

Take Care,

A Poem for You

February 2, 2015

islam photo
I’m a bit disappointed in myself for not being able to work on the essay I had in mind for our beloved, peace upon him. Nevertheless here is a poem for An Nabi, peace to him.

Was it just a dream?
For me it remains unseen
Were you just a ghost
Wrapped in our hopes
Just to see you smile
Would be a reason to rejoice
I’ve cried a thousand tears
To listen to your story
I’ve let go of a thousand fears
Because you overcame with glory

Oh smile at me
RasoolAllah (peace and blessings upon him)
Oh smile at me
HabibAllah (peace and blessing upon him)
Oh quench our thirst
At your pool

Our love for God through loving you

A bloodless conqueror
A king and yet he’s still a slave
I long to stand near you
Or even to sit by your grave
God we end our heads, just like he taught us to

Muhammad ar-rasoolullah

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