December 15, 2014


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I’ve actually grown use to wearing the abaya and veil. The veil in required when living here the abaya is just the most convenient modest option. I think I think about home too much but when I do it usually revolves around going to cafes and wearing “regular” clothes. Two things I don’t do here. Though I went to a cafe a few times when my niece visited. I wonder what exactly I have to gain by going back to the states. If it wasn’t for school I don’t know if I’d go back so soon. I have to apply for a ph.D program and hopefully get a job in my field before that, I need to be home by September for all of that to happen but with my visa running out in May I figure I’d just go home. Spending the summer here would mean spending Ramadan here. Which isn’t so bad but I’d feel bad about being away from my family. Though I’m sure they’d be fine. So anywhere from May to September I’m back in New York and back to wearing “regular” clothes. Hope I’ll remember how to do that, good thing Lotustree is here to inspire.



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